Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Typical critical path areas that require rapid response

  • Emergency response agencies – Fire, Police, Highway Agency, National Vehicle Breakdown companies
  • Major incident spills on roads, rail, rivers & waterways
  • Areas close to drainage systems internal or external
  • Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Heavy Industrial Manufacturing , Waste Recycling complexes
  • Open ground contamination
  • Rail side track spills & contamination (unique SORBxt rail mat)
  • Loading bays, parking bays, shunting yards
  • Major distribution complexes

Potential Spill Materials

  • Production and manufacturing material transport spills (acid, alkaline & polymer-based mixes)
  • Effluents – Hydrocarbons derivatives, Hot & cold mixes of waste & manufacturing by-products, polymer-based materials
  • Oils & lubricants (high grade refined hydraulic oils, oil-based cooling agents) from product or physical accident spills
  • Paints – Single / Twin pack epoxy, polyester, polyurethanes & emulsions

Traditional Spill Response

  • Traditional oil & chemical grades of spill granules
  • Longer periods of disruption, diversion & substantial disposal
  • Various grades of spill pads
  • Large variants of booms
  • Slow levels of absorption
  • Spills can take many hours to be properly cleared & concluded
  • Levels floor cleanliness vary widely

Sorb Response Absorbent

  • 100% organic material, Non-toxic for human beings, animals and environment
  • environmentally friendly
  • Light 7.5kg bag absorbs 33ltrs of all oils, paints, acids, alkaline & polymers
  • Lightweight material & packaging allows for rapid easy response
  • Absorbs all oils & hydrocarbons from water surface, enables fast efficient skimming without taking up water itself
  • Multi-purpose absorbent – eradicates requirement for multiple products for clearances
  • Fast & efficient – enables immediate control of a spill, contained & eliminated within minutes rather than hours or days
  • Post Clean – Superior surface safety & cleanliness achieved by fast efficient clearance
  • Tested & Proven – 97% surface grip after an eradicated spill – independently tested & proven on Asphalt (German MPA Testing Authority) excellent results on Concrete, Ceramics, Painted Walkways
  • Waste Disposal – dramatically less material (kg/lb/ltr) to dispose of, organic base matter enables more diverse final disposal options & routes

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